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I'm Available for Freelance Work

You are welcome to contact me for more information
about any project or service provided.
Interested in working together? Please let me know.

    Are you available for freelance work?

    I would love to hear from you,  so as to plan together the best schedule for your project. There is always time to design something beautiful!

    I need to hire you. How can i found out how much will it cost me?

    You could e-mail me the brief of your project and I will get back to you with a full proposal with all the time needed and the final cost.

    I am living in another city/country and its impossible to meet you in person. Can we still work together?

    Yes of course! I have had many clients from all over the world. With most of them we never met in person. We used e-mail, Skype, Viber, Zoom etc which are more than enough to discuss, plan and complete the project.

    What are the acceptable ways to pay you?

    I always ask 30% of the final cost of a project in advance, as a deposit, so as to start. The rest of the money can be given to me  when the project is finished and handled to you. There is always a contract protectimg both, me and you.

    You can pay in cash, or in a bank account

    It would be awesome to work for your project!