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Digital Illustration

I always loved to paint and draw free hand on paper or canvas, but the last years of my life (since 2005) I ve completely moved into the digital world. I use my wacom intuos to draw my digital illustrations.

Graphic Design

Since 2001, Ι ve completed many graphic design projects, such as logo, corporate identity, flyers and brochures, posters, cd artwork, books, magazines, wedding invitations, stickers etc


I was always curious about boxes and packaging, so I was very interested in studying how to design them. Since 2001, I ve completed many projects, designing their graphics and packaging too.

Web Design-developing

My interest in designing websites started back in 2008 and developing came along the years that follοwed. I ve designed several websites all these years and I love updating my knowledge as technology moves on.

My Experience

I am a freelance Graphic Designer- Illustrator based in Athens, Greece, totally in love with my work .

Graduated back in 2001, from NORTHUMBRIA UNIVERSITY, Newcastle, and got a “Bachelor with honors in Graphic Design” degree.

I ‘ve attended many Seminars afterwards in DTP, illustration, Free hand drawing, Airbrush and web design, most of them in AKTO ART AND DESIGN college.

I am using Adobe Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design) Joomla and WordPress, working with a wacom A3 tablet and an Eiso Calibrated monitor.

All these years of studies and working experience, guarantee that you will get the project of your dreams!

My Skills

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe In Design








Working for several Companies
City | Athens
Graphic Designer -Illustrator | 2001 – 2008

Graduated back in 2001 and immediately found my first job in a graphic Design company named “Tarra”. Ive worked also for “Executive” and “Web Future” and had many other external co-operations with other companies

Free lancher | Efi Theohari Design
City | Athens
Graphic Designer- Illustrator -Web Designer/Desveloper | 2008 – until today

Back in 2008 I ve decided it was about time to do my own business. Since then I am a freelance Graphic Designer- Illustrator – Web Designer/developer based in Athens, Greece, totally in love with my work .

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